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A Complete Tutorial On How To Write A Good APA Style Paper

The American Psychological Association writing as well as referencing style is recognized as the standard format which is especially required for writing research reports and papers that have something to do with psychology. Please take into account that in writing reports or papers in this format, it is required to paraphrase the research, theorizes or ideas from psychology sources using your own terms instead of just depending on a great number of direct quotes.

Here is a complete guide on how to use this writing style:

It is worth mentioning that paraphrasing goes beyond altering a few words in the sentence. It is advised to always provide the reference and citation for every source, for all paraphrased or quoted material, this is applicable whether you are quoting or paraphrasing. Keep in mind that if you fail to indicate the source of your data or if you did not use quotation marks when quoting, then, this is considered plagiarism which means that you are claiming someone else’s idea and work as your own. Not to mention, this is deemed as an academic offense which could lead to the failure of your writing task and worse you may even fail in your course.

APA writing style requires the use of clear, direct and formal, unbiased and non-sexist language. It is essential to refrain from using terms or language that demonstrates ethnic or cultural bias. It is a must to write with accuracy and the use of proper psychological term for a concept. Generally, first or second person aren’t advised but this is excluded if you are writing a journal or a blog post. Meanwhile, in presenting a research or theories on phycology, it is advised to use the author’s or researcher’s name in order to avert reification. It is not necessary to add the qualifications of your sources since they should all be psychologists. Only use last names.

Essentially, when formatting your report or paper, they must be typed double-spaced. All sides must come with a margin or 2.5 centimeters or 1 inch. Take note that the margins must be left-justified and this is applicable even on the left margin. The font size should be 12 and the font used should be Times New Roman.

It is also required to indent the first line of every paragraph with 5 spaces. In the same way, include page numbers as well as running head. In APA writing style, the date of the study is emphasized rather than the page number. Be that as it may, page numbers are added to the date when the writer uses direct quotes.

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