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Tips On How To Write A Good Thesis Statement For An Informative Essay

When writing an informative essay, you should present information about an issue or topic by presenting facts as well as evidence to back that information. Keep in mind that an informative paper is not an opinion piece, thus the author’s feelings or opinions about the subject do not matter and should not feature in the discussion. It is entirely a statement of the facts in a way that is engaging to the reader.

Defining a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement basically states the main purpose or idea in the paper. It is essential in an essay because it drives the purpose of the paper and sets the way for the writer to present evidence. A good statement should be clear and very precise in terms of what it is attempting to say. It should talk specifically about the main topic and it should be very exact in the type of language employed. You should never begin a thesis statement with the phrase “in this paper I will discuss about…” or any statement in the same fashion.

Facts to Support the Statement

An outstanding statement should be supported by facts that cannot be refuted. Although you will present facts at a later stage in the paper, the dissertation statement should itself have a statement of fact. Including a statement of fact in the statement lends credibility to whatever you are trying to put across.

Evidence to Support the Stated Facts

Just as the facts you state in the rest of the paper, the facts that you state in and around the dissertation statement have to be supported with some evidence. As the facts lend credibility to the statement, the evidence lends credibility to the stated facts. You should always ensure that any evidence that you present is obtained from completely reliable and trustworthy sources. This will go a long way in not only ensuring that your reputation as a scholar is not compromised, but also ensuring the success of your paper.

A Good Thesis Statement should be Captivating

You should craft your thesis statement in such a way that it attracts the reader’s attention and urges the reader to continue reading the rest of the paper. It should also inform the reader why he/she should be concerned about the topic. Remember that even when writing an informative essay, it is okay to state the thesis statement in a manner that is slightly controversial.

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