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What Does It Take To Create A Strong Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative essays give new writer a challenge. They make you write in ways you may not even be accustomed to thinking especially if you hold very strong opinions. Here are some of the things you can do to create strong argumentative essays.

Start with a riveting topic

To create an argumentative essay you need to use a concept that can be looked at from two opposing sides. The problem with this is that most concepts fit the bill. No one really wants to read an argumentative essay about sandals versus shoes or raincoats versus umbrellas. Carefully decide on a topic that will make the reader excited to see the analysis you apply to it.

Gather the points

The essay itself will be just a shell when points are gathered but this is almost the most important part. Having chosen your topic, you will already have a feel for the ways each side contrasts the other. Go through these points mentally and see if any new ones arrive.

Gather evidence

Weak argumentative essays state but never back up their points. Make sure the points you use have reason to be included. This will require you to do research. A good tip to remember is that while the internet has made research convenient, it is by no means the only method of data collection you should try. Libraries and even your own personal book collection can also come in handy.

Make it flow

Lawyers on television dramas may give you a good idea of how an argumentative essay can sound aloud. Even though their style is meant to be more persuasive, you can understand the back and forth that a true argument entails. This is important as common usage of the word ‘argue’ has led many to believe that argumentative essays need an element of mudslinging or the promotion of one point to the detriment of another.

Clean it up

A stellar argumentative essay becomes so much trash if it is rife with grammatical errors and poorly punctuated. Never forget the last step in the writing process should be to proofread then commence careful editing of the entire essay. Failure to do so has caused many a good student to experience a reduction in grades and confidence.

These tips can serve you well but perhaps the best tip would be to write argumentative essays frequently with the aim of improving each time.

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