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What Is A Narrative Essay: A Writing Guide

As a style of expository writing, the narrative approach largely offers the author an opportunity to write about a personal experience. This type of papers is often experiential, anecdotal and personal. They allow the writer to express himself in a creative and in many cases moving ways. For instance, everyone has some experiences in his/her memory, which are worth sharing with an audience. Yet sometimes these experiences are so intertwined with other memories that most of the time that is spent writing the narratives is spent in the organization stage. Here is a writing guide to help you better understand what is a narrative essay.

Essential Elements

A narrative essay usually incorporates all the elements of a story. It should have a beginning, a plot, characters, setting, climax, and ending. All these elements should come together to form a coherent story. The main focus in this type of essay is the plot, which should be narrated using adequate details to develop into a climax. The narrative is usually told in a chronological order. It normally serves a specific purpose that is normally stated in the opening sentences. It may be told using dialogue and it should be written with vivid descriptions and sensory detail to engage the reader. Consequently, all these elements are related, in one way or the other, to the key point that the author is making. All the details should also seamlessly combine.

Clear Perspective

When writing the essay, you should ensure that it is written from a very clear and specific point of view. It is very common for such forms of articles to be written from the author’s standpoint. However, this is not the only perspective that should be considered. In most cases, creativity in such written articles will manifest itself in the form of authorial point of view.

Language Clarity

One golden rule of writing the essay is the use of concise and clear language throughout the paper. Similar to descriptive paper, narrative text is effective when the choice of language is specific, and artful. When writing this kind of essay, you should use concrete words and a specific tone to evoke some specific feelings, senses and emotions in the reader. Using concrete words also allows the reader to visualize everything that is happening within his/her mind.

Additionally, the use of vivid descriptions allows the writer to avoid simply describing what an object looks like. It allows the writer to tell the reader how something tastes, sounds, feels, or smells.

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