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Finding A Proper Graduate Admission Essay Format Example

A good graduate admission essay will have several elements, one of them being perfect formatting. But how do you know what type of formatting to use? Before you panic, follow these simple steps to find formatting examples for your graduate admission essay.

Follow the School’s Recommendation

If it is an option, follow the individual school’s recommendations regarding formatting. Some universities will tell prospective students exactly how they want the paper formatted. This allows them to speed along the admission process, because they can easily locate the information that they need. If they do not have a recommendation, then check out some of the formatting tips below.

Search for Graduate Admission Essays from Previous Students

If the school does not have recommendations, then consider what previous students have submitted. If you know someone who attends the school, ask them for advice on formatting and what they did for their admission paper. If you do not know someone, check out the school’s library. Search for any submission from old students that may have been put in the archives. If you are still unsuccessful, you can look for admission papers to other schools. Often, the formatting that you use for one school will be very similar, or at the very least acceptable, to use for another school.

Follow Basic Guidelines and Be Sure to Keep Your Essay Short

If you still cannot find formatting help from the previous two resources, then follow typical guidelines for writing a research paper. Some of the things you should do include using 1-inch margins, double spacing to make the paper easier to read, and indenting your paragraphs. You should also be sure to keep your admission paper on the short side, as it is unlikely that you will be able to keep the admission officer’s attention for more than five or ten minutes. Be sure to hold their interest and put the important information into your paper, without rambling.

Look for Formatting Tips Online

The final place that you can search for examples of the proper formatting for your graduate admission paper is online. The Internet often houses many resources. Some common places that you should look include on educational websites, image searches, and homework help sites. As you do this, however, be sure that you are finding information from a credible website. Inaccurate information can drastically affect your chances of gaining admission to a school.

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