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Where To Look For Proper Examples Of College Essays About Yourself

A college essay about yourself might seem as the easiest thing to do. However, this is not always the case. While you know everything about your life, academic work is defined by formatting and presentation of ideas, among other things. Examples of college essays about yourself can be obtained from numerous sources. These sources include:-

Academic Resource Websites

The websites specialize in provision of high quality academic materials, services and templates. Some offer these resources for free while others charge for their resources and services. It is worth noting that charging or not charging does not determine or indicate quality.

There are several ways of ascertaining whether an online academic resource site is credible.

  1. History- if you have used their academic resources and services in the past without experiencing any problems, it is advisable to use the site again. However, be watchful since the services are likely to deteriorate based on several factors.
  2. Referral- Seek assistance from your teacher, colleagues or seniors about incredible websites offering academic materials. You will be surprised at the variety you get by asking a few people. This gives you an advantage of finding several college essays about yourself for comparison purposes.
  3. Profile of their writers- credible providers of academic services and resources are not afraid to display the profiles of their writers. Their academic qualification will signal the availability of quality services.

Your Past work

Writing about yourself begun at a very tender age. As such, college presents an excellent opportunity to expound and capture issues that were not part of your earlier essays. When referring to your past work, consider the changes in instructions considering that the previous paper may have been written at a lower level like first year. It also could have been written from a different angle and for a different purpose. As such, reference to your past work should be done with caution and awareness of the new instructions.


The library remains an incredible source of high quality academic materials. What you are looking for in the examples of college essays about yourself is the presentation and formatting. Information about yourself cannot be obtained from the library in a form that is unknown to you. Therefore, the idea is to borrow the format of citation and referencing, among other aspects. While the details are yours, follow the instructions provided by the tutor when crafting the paper.

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