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Directions to help you obtain a good advertisement analysis essay example

If you are marketing major, and have not come across an ad analysis assignment yet, you will definitely be assigned one in the near future. Ad analysis are quite similar to any other video analysis however they require greater effort because an ad may last from few seconds to few minutes and you have to expand all that into an essay. Check WriteZillas to learn more.

Now a good ad generally has the following characteristics:

  1. Should be convincing
  2. Should strike a chord
  3. Should communicate a clear message
  4. Should be engaging

Ad analysis guide

You need to answer the following set of questions to come through with a good ad analysis essay. Keeping in mind that this is an essay not a synopsis, you need to hit each possible detail to expand your analysis. It should be well integrated with the overall theme and essence of the ad and the product being promoted. Now the product may not necessarily be a tangible entity. It could be service, or a public service message. Your job is to investigate and evaluate each element. Having all these things sorted out, you may require watching the ad several times before you finally grasp the concept. Take notes in each sitting and if possible ask for a second opinion.

  1. Describe the product/service/message being advertised.
  2. Is it a video ad or a picture ad?
  3. Describe the general setting of the advertisement.
  4. What is the plot of the ad?
  5. What are the characters or roles and what kind of impressions are they conveying.
  6. Is it a casual, funky ad? What kind of language and tone is being used?
  7. What are the basic themes/emotions of the ad? How effectively have they been communicated with in the given time slot?
  8. Is there any written content in the ad? If yes, how well connected is it with the pictorial/video ad sequence?
  9. How well is the graphic quality? Are there any animations being used?
  10. What are the expressions, body language, race, ethnicity etc of the figures used in the ad?
  11. Is there any disclaimer? How convincing is it?
  12. Are there any signs or symbols in the background?
  13. What are the various sociological, economical, political, and environmental elements in the ad? How are they related to your product?

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