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Places Where I Can Find Good Movie Essay Samples

What are movies than stories through moving pictures? Many people see movies as nothing more than entertainment that stays within the confines of a movie theater, but for many students and in many courses, movies make their way into the classroom. This is generally because they are taken seriously as story distributors.

Naturally this would create an endless collection of movie essays. For this reason a student can and will need to find samples of movie essays for their assignments. But where can they find them? This will provide some useful information on good sources for movie essay samples.

To The Library

Most professors/teachers will give the student the details they need or resources for where they can find movie essay samples. Most of the resources they will point to will be book examples or from other students who have written as well. Aside from this it’s pretty clear that the student can access these samples from any library in the film section.

The best books to look for are by:

  • Movie critics
  • Film historians
  • Directors
  • Philosophers/psychologists

Movie critics

These are one of the best reasons for movie criticism, because they’re practically building essay upon essay of covering film. The student wants to make sure the critic is actually making more than a subjective effort of critiquing a movie. They can really go deep into their analysis.

Film Historians

Some movie critics rely or are also film historians where they’ve done the exhaustive work of researching the history of these films. If a student is looking to recover samples that are this thorough then encyclopedias on film or the bibliography section of a book on a specific film or film culture or even critique is a great place.


Film directors are obviously a great source. Many times a director isn’t as forthcoming about their work, but then there are others who themselves are scholars in their own right. Many have written books and essays on their films and others that have influenced their work.


This is somewhat rare but there are some who have written extensively on film from a perspective that makes a lot of comparisons or is influenced by philosophers and studies on human psychology. These are also great sources for movie essay samples.

Green lit

The internet provides a lot of these samples as well. Wherever the student gets the samples from, they should always make sure they attribute or cite the work to it’s original owner. This is not different from the way Hollywood works because just like film, essays also have to be copyright protected.

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