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Public Schools Should Teach A Second Language In Early Grades For Several Reasons:

Even though some countries do not put it as mandatory to study a second language in public schools, most countries around the world embraced this noble cause as a requirement many years ago.

Second language cuts the niche for young children and teenagers in schools since it enables them to enhance their intellectual receptiveness, broaden their pie of opportunities and develop an articulating preparedness in the global social life.

To ascertain the indispensability of teaching a second language in elementary classes, let us look at the following reasons which act as a transmission belt for achieving higher academic standards:

Number one, many studies suggest that the studying of a second language can boost individual performance. In this case, students who learn second language are more likely to progress academically in other subjects. One study found students scored significantly higher in math and languages after one semester of foreign language study 90 minutes per week.

Secondly, there is a higher chance of cognitive ability. As cited in District administration education journal, the education analyst ‘Janice Stewart’ observed that if the second language is introduced in the basic school years, it can lead in to apt cognitive skills, good performance and improved academic scores.

The third reason is mental agility. The study of foreign language will expand the mental capacity of students early enough. It is possible to stretch their thinking critically and possibly become exposed to other cultural contexts and world views. The students who get acquainted with early experience of two language systems normally become swifter in concept formation and mental flexibility.

Also the teaching of second language moulds student holistically. They are able to compete globally both economic wise and socially. There are many accrued benefits to the society. For example in America, it is believed that those fluent in other languages improve global communication, enhance their economic competitiveness abroad, and their political interests.

Finally, second language study increases career opportunities. Apart from acquiring intellectual benefits in terms of mastering the grammar better and improvement in their overall communication, they also develop problem solving skills. In addition, the study of second language facilitates travels, enhances career opportunities, and enables one to learn more about different peoples and cultures.

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