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How to Pick up Strong Topics for your Analysis

Topics for Analytic Essays

Analytic types of essays in which you analyze another’s text are typically assigned form your textbook or you are free to select an essay from the textbook yourself.

What are Analytic Essay

Analytic essays are simply essays in which you analyze another text whether it is another essay, a work of research, a book, a poem or a short story.

What do You Do In an Analytic essay, Briefly?

Your task in an analytic essay is to form a thesis as to some aspect of the text that you want to prove.

For example, all works of essays and research present some type of point of view on a topic. Let’s say we were going to analyze an essay titled “Computers Do Enhance Education and Learning.”

In this essay, you would discuss how this author evidences that computers do enhance learning by first, forming your thesis and then evidencing how he/she proves this through analysis of their text.

Parts of the Analytic Essay

All analytic essays, in fact, all essays, period—have an introduction, thesis, body with evidence and conclusion.

You might as well memorize these four elements outright—

  • Introduction (attention getting sentences)
  • Thesis Statement at the End of Attention Getting Sentences
  • Body with Evidence
  • Conclusion

Typically You Write Analytic Essays in English Courses

Typically, analytic essays are written in English courses where you are discussing several texts from your textbook. The way you frame analytic essays are to find an essay in your book you want to write about, for example, the “Computers Do Enhance Education,” which we’ll say is by an author named John Smith.

Let’s Form a Thesis For this Essay

Analytic thesis statements are easy. You tell your reader flat out what the work is about.

For example,

In his essay, “Computers Do Enhance Education and Learning,” John Smith gives evidence from several studies of children ages 10 through 14 of how much they learned and how much both class satisfaction and grades in all subjects improved over six months when computers were introduced into the classroom.


Now, look through the essay for the kinds of evidence that Smith provides to prove that computers enhance learning and analyze how he does this and if his argument is effective or ineffective.

For example,

Throughout this essay, Smith provides solid evidence that computers enhance learning in young teens with surprising and convincing evidence. For example, his study focuses on a group of C students in the class who began making B+s after three months of computer enhanced learning.

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