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Love Representation In Antony And Cleopatra

The love story of Cleopatra and Mark Antony is tragic one. There love story was so tragic that William Shakespeare wrote a play about it in the early sixteen hundreds. Even today, authors and musicians have used their story in their songs and stories. There has even been films and TV series about it. Cleopatra was born in Alexandria, Egypt around sixty-nine B.C. Her family was part of the Ptolemaic dynasty. She ruled y her father and then became the only ruler of their country. She had an affair with Julius Caesar and had a son, which is the first Roman general she was with.

Mark Antony was close to Caesar and was twenty years older than Cleopatra. When Antony was younger, he was reckless and in forty-nine B.C. Antony took a wife, Fulvia. Antony became close to Octavian as well, the ruler of the Roman Empire. After Julius Caesar was assassinated, Antony was one of the three men that ruled Rome. That is how he meets Cleopatra. Antony wanted to talk about an alliances with her but she refused to see him twice. When the meeting finally took place, Antony was taken over by her. Soon after, they were in a relationship and then moved to Egypt and married.

Since Antony married Cleopatra, this created union between Rome and Egypt. Anthony’s first wife was not happy about this and then tried to attack Octavian. She told them that Anthony ordered her to do it. He tried to fix it by returning to Fulvia but the damage was done and then she died. So to try to win Octavian’s trust back, Antony married Octavia Minor, who was Octavian’s sister. This all happened just weeks before Cleopatra was getting ready to deliver twins. But she still supported him in military endeavors. Since Antony has doubts about the true loyalties of Octavian, he left a pregnant Octavia and went back to Cleopatra. Shortly after Octavian assembled a military attack on Antony and Cleopatra, while they were in Egypt. Cleopatra was afraid to die in the attack, so she hid in her burial tombs, which lead to people that she was dead. Octavian was winning the war and Antony ended up killing himself because he thought Cleopatra did so as well. Knowing that she lost her love and would become a prisoner, Cleopatra committed suicide as well by a having a cobra bite her.

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