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How To Select Good Topics For Argument Essays- Tips & Examples

There are many different types of essays that you will be asked to write. One of the most common types is an argument essay. In this essay style, you are asked to present your side of an argument with solid evidence. There are a few ways to make sure that you are successful when writing this type of essay. Here are some tips and examples.


  1. Choose a debatable or controversial issue
  2. You can write a good argument essay on a controversial or debatable issue because of the emotional charge from both sides. There is no right or wrong answers when it comes to these issues. There are individuals who believe one side and others that believe the other side. It works out well because there is usually the same amount of information for both sides which makes it easy to write about the side you chose no matter if your support it or oppose it.

  3. Choose a topic that moves you
  4. Don’t choose a topic that you don’t care about. Passion is the key to making this essay work. If you fell really strongly about a topic, you want to write this type of essay about that. The emotion will help prove your case.

  5. Research both sides
  6. Unlike many other essays, an argument essay presents the opposing view. It is a trick to make your side more believable. You present the other side of the issue and then explain why it isn’t a valid point. You would have at least three direct reasons to believe your thesis and then you would add a paragraph that lists a view of the other side and specific proof to disregard their view.


  1. Morality of Abortion
  2. Use of fur for fashion
  3. Animal Testing
  4. DNA Cloning
  5. Interracial adoption
  6. Same sex marriage
  7. Legalization of Marijuana for recreational use

There are many more to choose from. This list is mostly to get you thinking about a topic that you would like to write about. Make sure to choose one that you are interested in so that the research is not so tedious. Once you have your topic, write an outline as your next step. It will cause you to stay on track which means you won’t deviate from the thesis statement. Good luck and I hope this helped.

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