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How to do a good essay on any topic

As you continue in your academic career, you will find many times when you are asked to take one side or the other in a specific issue. While many of your papers will have different titles or styles required of them, the core item you will practice again and again throughout the course of your education is an argument. That is why perfecting this art form will continue to benefit you throughout your academic journey. You will be required to write a persuasive essay, or an argumentative essay about this. Whether your paper is long or short, you will have to actively take one side of the other. And there is an art form to this. You really need to know a bit about both sides in order to effectively argue one side over the other.

*Tip: don’t confine yourself and only write about a side that you believe. You will only be graded based on the logic of your points. It may be best to write a paper that goes against how you really feel.

Once you pick your topic, it is important for you to come up with a list of key points to your side. Then you need to create several pieces of evidence or examples to back up these key points. If you are unsure of which side to take in your essay, make a list of the main points in support of both sides. See which side has the most, or which side you think you can argue most effectively, and then pick this one.

Before you make the final decision, decide if each statement you make can be supported with evidence. There are different types of evidence including:

  1. statistics
  2. examples
  3. observations
  4. quotes or opinions from an expert
  5. anecdotes
  6. precedence

If you are in need of an argumentative paper idea, you can try any of the following. Remember to take a side one way or the other in the argument:

  • Dieting is what makes people fat
  • Emotional love is not a good reason to marry someone
  • The “war on terror” has only made human rights abuses worse
  • High school graduates around the world should be required to take a gap year before they start college
  • Every citizen should legally be required to vote
  • Government welfare of any kind needs to be abolished

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