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Effective Instructions For Writing A Brilliant Academic Essay

There are millions of academic essays which are written every year. Many of them pass and some of them fail. But what makes the writing of an academic essay so good that it can be described as brilliant? What are the effective instructions you can listen to or follow so as to produce such a piece of prose? In fact these instructions are tried and tested. They have been used by millions of students for many generations. It really is a case of if it ain’t broke then don't fix it. Follow these rules.

  • Get your choice of topic absolutely spot on.
  • Make sure you have access to sufficient relevant research material.
  • Follow the rules such as the layout and word count.
  • Produce a plan which will guide you through the journey.
  • Never be satisfied until you have polished your work.

If you want to write a brilliant academic essay then you have to have a passion for the subject you are writing about. Yes it is possible for somebody to write really well about a topic they don't like but it is such an advantage to the student to have an interest in the topic. If that interest is also a reserve of knowledge then that is even more helpful in creating a brilliant essay.

Now there might be lots of valuable and interesting research material but if you can't get your hands on it then you are in trouble. To create this brilliant academic essay you must have brilliant information. Do the research first to make sure is available.

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your research and writing might be if you don't get the word count or the format or both correct, the word brilliant will not apply to your composition. It's a bit like wandering off the topic or repeating yourself or writing in a vague fashion. Know the number of words you are expected to produce and know the layout of the essay and its structure.

Assume you are going on a journey or building a new building. You need a map or a plan. The same applies to creating an academic essay. You need the structure and you need the ideas and points to all go inside the structure. Spend as much time as possible because a brilliant academic essay will always and only come from a brilliant plan.

And having finished the first draft of your academic essay, the only way you can move from good or very good to brilliant is through your editing and proofreading skills. Spend as much time as possible to polish your writing so that it truly can be described as brilliant.

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