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Essay writing suggestions: structuring your paper properly

Here are a few steps in writing an outstanding essay:

  • Step One: The student must have a clear understanding of the type of essay that they must write.
  • Step Two: The student needs to select a good topic for the essay.  It is good to brainstorm various ideas for the essay topic.
  • Step Three: It is good to do an outline for the essay, before writing it. This will ensure that the topic chosen is the best one to write about in the essay.
  • Step Four: Always do one rough draft of the essay before writing the final draft of the essay.
  • Step Five: The writer must ensure to have a third party proofread and edit their essay, before turning it in.
  • Step Six: Ensure that the essay is corrected after proofread and edited, before turning it in.
  • Step Seven: Ensure that the essay meets the specifications and instructions of the professor or teacher.

How the essay should be formatted?

The essay should contain the following sections:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Body; and
  3. Conclusion.

An essay normally has three to five paragraphs.  But, sometimes the essay can have up to nine paragraphs.

The Introduction of the essay is only one paragraph.

The Body of the essay can be from one paragraph to seven paragraphs.

The Conclusion of the essay is one paragraph as the Introduction.

Each paragraph of the essay should be no more than seven sentences long.

The Introduction of the essay will have the thesis statement as the last sentence.

Each supporting fact is called the main point that strengthens the topic.

Each main point will have a separate paragraph in the Body of the essay.

The topic of the essay can have from three to seven main points to support it.

The Conclusion summarizes the topic, main points, and thesis statement.

Here are some key points to structuring a good essay:

  • Pointer 1: The essay should be at least three paragraphs long.
  • Pointer 2: The essay is normally no more than five pages long.
  • Pointer 3: The essay should have at least three main points to support the writer’s view on the topic.
  • Pointer 4: The writer should always do an outline before they start to work on the essay.
  • Pointer 5: It is always good to do a rough draft of the essay and have a third party proofread the essay for you.

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