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Interesting argumentative essay topics for high school students

The cafeteria food is bad for you

Argue for the right of bringing a homemade lunch instead of having to take the cafeteria food. Why is cafeteria bad for you? Talk about the taste, the processed additives and the general unhealthy atmosphere of the cafeteria. Argue the benefits of what a homemade lunch brings, less chance of catching germs from being handled through the school’s kitchen, etc.

Why the Confederates could not have won the Civil War

Investigate the disadvantages the Confederates faced while going up against the Yankees. Why were they doomed to fail from the start? Discuss the power of the North and it’s many factories, and why the South did not stand a chance. Compare the strengths of each side and what the Confederates needed in order to win the war.

Why Inheritance Tax is Wrong

There are many taxes in the United States, and one of the more unfair ones is the inheritance tax. Why should we have to pay a tax when we inherit the property from a deceased relative? Argue the injustice of taxing an inheritance no matter the amount.

Why Mr. Knightly was Right to Scold Emma

In Jane Austen’s Emma, Mr. Knightly scolds Emma’s behavior several times. Why did he do so? Was he right in criticizing Emma’s actions and words? Examine the times when Mr. Knightly reprimands Emma for her behavior and Emma’s actions leading to such rebuke from her childhood friend.

Why Farmlands Should Stay as Farms

Across the nation, farmlands are being bought up and turned into development complexes. Why is this a bad thing? Why should we keep farms? Discuss a country’s independence when they can support themselves by their own crops instead of having to rely on foreign countries for sustenance.

Why Jane Austen did not do right by Fanny Price

In Mansfield Park, Fanny Price is a character who is controlled and taken advantage of by her family and acquaintances. The one time where she has the opportunity to do some good and turn her life around is robbed from her by Jane Austen, who turns Henry Crawford from loving Fanny to running away with her married cousin. Argue how Jane Austen wronged Fanny in condemning her to marry the shallow Edmund, who did not even think of Fanny as a matrimonial prospect until he became disillusioned with Mary Crawford.

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