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Writing a Descriptive Essay: 5 Great Suggestions

  1. Choose a topic that is easy to describe
  2. Due to the fact that a descriptive essay includes descriptive narrative, the topic that you select should be easy to describe to the reader. Normally, essays in this style are written using strong descriptive language. Appropriate choices are any famous individual, a historical event or an object. These things are all considered easy to describe.

  3. Write A Good Thesis Statement
  4. When it comes to writing a descriptive essay a strong thesis can really make it or break. In a descriptive essay the best way to compose a thesis is make a “like” metaphor. An example would be “George Washington was like a lion when it came to leading America”.

  5. Be Clear In Your Description
  6. Using a simile “like” statement is a great way to begin your descriptive essay however you also want to be clear about your description. This means that you will be expected to clarify “how” George Washington was like a lion (or whatever other metaphor you think to use). The basis for the body paragraphs for your essay can be examples that prove your initial description.

  7. Make a List To Help You Compose Your Description
  8. The best way to figure out how to describe your topic is by making a list. Do some research and learn about your subject and then make a list of your initial impression. For example before you begin writing take a sheet of paper and write on the top: George Washington is like...

    Then, you can list all of your immediate feelings based on what you know about the subject after you have completed your reading. The information in the list will help inspire your description.

  9. Work From An Outline
  10. Lastly, like with any other essay type it is a good idea to work with an outline and lay your ideas out before you begin writing. This will help you clarify your thoughts as well as write an easy-to-read paper. The best way to do this is to go through the preliminary writing process and lay your ideas out in an organized fashion. Make sure you order your arguments most convincing to least convincing to enhance the quality of your paper.

Writing a better descriptive essay is really about knowing what writing a descriptive essay is all about. With a bit of practice you will get it down in no time.

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