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Rules for the good comparative analysis essay writing

This type of writing is expected of you when you start studying at Higher Education level

Definition of Comparative Essay Writing.

  • The ability to compare and contrast two different theories. The theories may be about people in history, scientific techniques or any subject related to your field of study.
  • You may find that you are asked to compare two theories or ideologies that on the face of it do not seem to have any common ground.

Finding Common Ground.

  • You may have to think very carefully about any links that you make between the two theories – be clear about the focus you choose.
  • Remember that you readers need to understand the choice you have made and the reasons why – keep it meaningful to your audience.

How are you going to achieve this? Research, Research, Research!

  1. You must have thorough knowledge of the two concepts that you are comparing.
  2. Research meticulously and note where you have found the information.
  3. Make sure that you have given each of the concepts equal weighting, and do not favour either concept.
  4. Now you have outlined the general ideas – now start moving towards specific ideas.

Ready to start?

  • This may sound obvious – but spend time planning your introduction as this sets the foundation.
  • At this point is a really good idea to check that you are constructing proper paragraphs. Make sure that you start with an introductory sentence that introduces the theme of the paragraph, which will then lead in to the body of the paragraph and ends with a concluding sentence. Tip: always treat a paragraph as a mini-essay but make sure that it flows from the preceding paragraph and flows into the following.

Comparative Analysis Essay.

  1. Opening paragraph – broadly make a comparison between the two theories.
  2. Now continue by acknowledging each point in a separate paragraph.
  3. Do not start a comparing until you have given each point an equal amount of support and information.
  4. Now you can start comparing the structure of the two theories – remember to keep this as a broad outline and then in the following paragraphs give each point equal weighting and progress through the points in a logical progression of ideas.
  5. Now, you can start discussing the way in which each of the theories has had an impact and influence in your field of study, history and society in general.
  6. Make sure that your discussion and conclusion, are presented in a logical progression and each of the theories have equal weighting.

Good Luck

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