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A list of unique expository essay topics

An expository essay works to explain a specific topic or subject. Many say this is one of the easiest essays students will write. You are simply providing an explanation or describing something in detail for readers to understand in simple terms. When you select your topic you need to consider an idea you can feel comfortable describing. You do not have to worry about arguing a point or getting someone to see things from your perspective. Just select an idea that you feel confident you have the ability to explain clearly. Here are a few ideas to consider.

  1. How to study for a college exam. What are things students may not be doing to help themselves prepare and pass?
  2. How to apply for scholarships and grants for college.
  3. How to complete college and not accumulate a lot of debt. What are things students do in college that add to their debt load?
  4. Why does a teenage decide to run away from home? What can be done to encourage more teens to stay home and work things out with their families?
  5. How does a person get health treatment when they have no medical insurance coverage? How is healthcare coverage available to everyone but it is not free?
  6. How does a person become addicted to something such as an illegal substance or alcohol? What does an addict do when they are in rehab?
  7. Why does a woman decide to stay in a relationship with a man that is abusive towards her? How does this affect a woman with children that observes the abuse?
  8. How does racism affect our current society? What can be done to help people accept others for the way they are?
  9. How did others (from other countries) get cured of Ebola when thousands in Africa died?
  10. How can you have essential things to live by and still be considered living in poverty?
  11. Why do people decide not to get a flu shot when thousands die of the flu each year?
  12. When do people smoke cigarettes when it causes cancer?
  13. Why do people cheat on each other while in a relationship with someone else?
  14. How is it possible to predict future weather conditions?
  15. Why are there so many qualifications for someone to meet when running for president?

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