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How To Enhance Personal Narrative Essay Writing Skills In A Week

We humans have an additional capacity than other species; we can enhance our capacities, no matter which mold we concentrate on. It is amazing how we improve on a segment in a period of time.

You can get a direct example by trying to enhance your essay-writing skills; typically the narrative kind. You just have to work on a few quotients and off you go –

  • The creative urge – Work in expounding and utilizing the creative juice ingrained in you. Let it out; don’t bottle it. You should make it seamless with the progressive quality; both inveterate to good writing.
  • Exciting the reader – You should proceed to keep the readers on tenterhooks; through a smart writing prompt; and then deft utilization of junctures. The reader should find an element of interest at every curve and thus feel driven to go through the entire piece.
  • The narrative quality – This means you are writing your own story; an experience that you faced or encountered. It should evoke personal sentiments in a strong sense. You should also attempt to open the readers to different options if they face the same dilemma.
  • Use of examples – You should be ready and armed with typical examples that strengthen your storyline. The ideas, examples and allegories; all help the narrative aspect a lot. You just have to be fair to them, cutting the dramatic tone just a bit.
  • Go through samples – You may go through eminent samples to get adrift on how these pieces are written. You will get an idea on the sequential progression; use of props and careful cultivation of the inner theme. You will also learn about how to evolve the resident characters.
  • A good conclusion – You should be able to carve a scintillating conclusion; extracted from your previous paragraphs. A nice little conclusion is what the doctor ordered and you should put it on the table; unscathed and imposing.

Learning goes on

You need to rush it up so that you can ingrain all the above-mentioned qualities in the space of a week. Of course, the learning curve doesn’t end in a week; it goes on. With practice, you will get better at utilizing the resources.

When you master the art of writing narrative essays, you will find the other types quite convenient. You should keep going through samples and picking up ideas that influence you or impress you. There should be no reluctance towards objects of inspiration.

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