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Brainstorming Good Analytical Essay Topics for a School Class

When selecting a topic for your school class you want to insure it is relevant to the coursework, and also appropriate for school. An analytical essay explores an idea or work—breaking it down to further study. When brainstorming good analytical essay topics for school you want to keep a few guidelines in mind.

  1. Is my topic relevant?
  2. Think about whether or not your topic fits into the prompt or instruction your instructor has provided for the assignment. You want to be sure to pick a relevant topic that strongly fits into the material you are exploring.

  3. Is my topic original?
  4. Writing about an original topic is very important. When you are brainstorming, you do not want to select a topic that is overdone or tired. Selecting an original and unique topic will help keep you engaged in the researching and writing process. Also, selecting a unique topic helps keep your instructor interested. Your instructor does not want to read a paper they have already read many times before, so a unique topic could also mean a better grade.

  5. Is my topic specific enough?
  6. Once you have deemed your topic to be relevant and original, you will want to make sure it is specific enough. When selecting a topic you want to make sure it is narrow enough so you can develop a strong paper on a specific topic, rather than a weak paper on a general field of interest. For instance, when writing an analytical paper about 20th century literature, you would be better off selecting a specific genre to explore than the genre as a whole. This will allow you to build a strong argument for that specific genre of literature.

Taking these three questions into consideration, we came up with some great analytical essay topics. Review the topics we have outlined, and think about something you would like to further explore in your research.

  • Analysis of Favorite Short Story: What is your favorite short story? Does it have any deeper meaner than the superficial plot? What literary devices are used? Breakdown your favorite works of writing.
  • Analysis of Cult Classic Thrillers: The same can be said for movies. Think about the cult classic genre of thriller. What makes cult classic thrillers so popular? What makes a cult classic a cult classic?

Continue with ideas such as…

  • Analysis of Effective Public Speaking
  • Analysis of Voting Method
  • Analysis of Lawmaking

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