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Tips And Tricks For Writing An Essay On How To Respect Elders

Life goes on and generations pass their mantle to the next. In the process, they become old and frail; quite unable to fend for themselves and being overly dependent on the generation they reared.

Miserly connotation

Interestingly, the successive generation is invariably miserly in looking after the previous generation. While one set of parents may lovingly care for 10 of their kids; all 10 of them feel their parents a burden when they grow senile. This is actually an ongoing process.

Thankfully, not everybody is of that mind-frame. Some appreciate the contributions of the elderly and make earnest attempt in respecting them for that and their experience. When you are asked to write an essay on how to respect elders, you should keep salient features in mind –

  • The most emergent point is to accord them space and independence. All their lives, they lived a responsible life fending for you and looking after their family. They should at last be given free time and allowance to express their wishes and work on them.
  • You may write in the essay on how a systematic pattern should be scheduled for the elders so that all their needs are met without much fuss. Otherwise, this may lead to frustration and a non-amicable atmosphere at home.
  • Kids and grandkids should spare sometime of their daily lives catering to the elderly and listening to what they have to say. They have enormous repertoire of old-world stories and there is a lot to be gained from their experience. Use that.
  • Make sure that you proudly wear your parents on your sleeves; not restrict them into your shirt pockets. Whenever guests arrive, you should initiate the process of introducing them to the parents. This ennobles them. Also give them the encouragement to enjoy their time while they are at it.
  • You should take them out on an enriching family outing once or twice a year. See if you can fulfill their wishes about visiting a particular place. Give them the feeling of being pampered; and turn a loving eye on them when they look at you. Don’t let them feel ignored.
  • You should also encourage them to form a gathering of similarly aged people so that they can all share their experiences and bite on the tidbits. There are things that they love to talk about; which might be totally irrelevant to your generation. Go the extra mile in caring for them.

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