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Writing a Simple Academic Essay: How to Structure Your Paper

Every academic paper must have a well-defined structure. It will be determined by the type of the paper you need to write. Usually, academic papers consist of the following parts:

  1. Introduction:
  2. You can write it either at the beginning or after you finish working on the body of the paper. The introduction section must give a short overview of your major arguments and state your thesis. It must also captivate the readers, so you will need to do some additional research in order to come up with an effective way to “hook” your audience.

  3. Method:
  4. This section is the easiest to write. In it you must explain the course of your research or experiment in detail. The main goal of this paragraph is to provide the readers with a guide they can use to repeat the process and verify your results.

    The section must be written in formal and concise manner in order to make it easier for the audience to understand. Reduce the number of terms you use to a minimum and provide detailed explanations so the readers understand why exactly they should take these particular steps.

  5. Result:
  6. Here you need to list the results of your research and explain how they are connected to one another. You also need to mention how they influence the field of study as a whole. Add some graphs, charts, and figures to illustrate this section and make it easier to understand even to the readers who have limited knowledge of the subject.

  7. Discussion:
  8. In this part of the paper you need to explain what you learned from the research. This section must be tied to your thesis and it should clearly prove that your objective was obtained.

  9. Conclusions:
  10. This is the end of your paper and it must logically close off all the lines of thought you opened in the introduction. Please note that you need to avoid introducing new ideas in this section. However, you can say that there are other issues to be explored.

  11. References:
  12. This is an essential part of the paper because it proves that you didn’t plagiarize it. You need to study the requirements of your format very carefully and make sure that all the sources that need to be included are indeed included in your list of references. It may be a bit difficult to format all of the references in the right manner, so you should study the rules and write their names in your notes correctly from the very beginning.

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