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Essay writing guidelines: learning the basic structure and format

Whether the student is a beginner or expert writing an essay is can be problematic and annoying. There are some basic structures and format requirements when it comes to writing an essay.  Following these can lead to a successful and meaningful essay.

Basic Structure and Format:

  • Introduction: This is the paragraph that matters the most.  It hooks the audience and makes them continue reading.  It’s the paragraph that will make the reader see what the point of view of the writer is.  This paragraph will also contain the thesis statement—a statement that says the entire viewpoint of the essay.  This statement must be clever, concise and hold the entire essay together.
  • Body: The body of the essay needs to be at least two paragraphs.  Though many professors and teachers will require more.  These paragraphs will support the thesis statement.  The paragraphs will show the evidence and logical reasoning of the thesis statements.  A good student will even show the negatives of the viewpoint and in order to pursue the reader show why these points are not valid.  Each paragraph must transition into the next point and new paragraph.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion is where the author makes their final point that will wrap all the body paragraphs up into a nice neat package.  This is where the writer needs to make it clear how the thesis statement is correct and how the evidence present has proven that.  This is the final moments that the author has with the reader and because of that the student must make the conclusion the strongest part of their essay.
  • Format:  Many teachers will require their own set of format regulations.  If they have not given a set of regulations.  Each paragraph should be indented.  The type should be Arial or Times New Roman.  The font should be size 12.  Never above or below.  There should be a title page and if needed a works cited/reference page.
  • Grammar:  This is extremely important.  If the essay doesn’t read well, the student has failed.  No matter what grade the might walk away with the grammar of the essay is the glue.  Every argument will fall apart if it has not been made well.  Grammar and spelling is what makes it be made well.

Following this guideline will help anyone be able to complete their first, hundredth or last essay.  Each key point will guide the student into a successful and well done essay for any class or assignment.

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