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The Top 10 Most Interesting Essay Topics On India

If you are looking for the top 10 most interesting essay topics about India consider the following:

  1. The first of the top 10 most interesting essay topics about India is population growth and what measures the government is putting into place in order to help contain the massive population growth in such a fashion that it makes living conditions better.
  2. The second of the top 10 most interesting essay topics about India is to focus on the wealthy homes which are being created by thriving entrepreneurs and how this creates a stark contrast between the lower ghettos of major cities and the people who live on the mountain tops literally.
  3. The third is about the educational system offered and how many people can improve their current social standing by getting better education and learning English so that they can work with professional companies for either technological reasons or customer service.
  4. The fourth is to focus on the more impoverished regions and what it is like for them to try and get to school versus those who live in a city.
  5. The fifth is to cover the healthcare that exists in a specific area and whether that healthcare diminishes the overall health of the population in the country and whether the influence of foreign doctors can improve upon the situation.
  6. The sixth is to review the class system and the way that groups are divided from birth with the inability to move forward. You can focus on how many people in the lower ranks have jobs such as sweeping the dirt roads day after day and yet they remain incredibly happy knowing that if they do a good job, based on their religion, they will be able to enjoy a better life.
  7. The seventh is to review different infrastructure plans taking place in the area compared to other areas in the world.
  8. The eighth is to examine the amount of growth seen among the middle-class and especially among those who leave their home country in search of a better job or better education elsewhere. You can examine the effects that this amount of mass movement has on the population in the economy.
  9. The ninth is to review the difference in terms of jobs which remain most popular. You can compare the most popular occupations in this country to another country such as your country and see where there are major discrepancies. You might be able to highlight the massive amount of industrialization or agriculture compared to your area.
  10. The 10th is to focus on the rate of infant mortality. You can highlights the differences between the infant mortality rates in different rule areas versus Populated cities.

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