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Environmental Health Issues

The environment has been the main focal point in many debates from colleges and universities to the White House. The plight of sustaining and maintaining the environment in its natural state has been an issue since the dawn of time. In the United States, since the English came in the early 1400s to settle in America, the plight of the natural lands in America has been a serious issue. Many wars were fought throughout the United States between Native Americans and White Settlers on how to care and preserve the American lands. For many years, White Americans did not really care about environmental issues or environmental health issues. The main concern for White Americans up to the 20th Century was how many resources they could take from the land in order to make a lot of money and get rich. But in the latter part of the 20th Century, White Americans started to realize that their destruction of the natural environment was affecting their personal health.

Here are a few ways how the destruction of the natural environment has affected mankind:

  • Pesticides used at one time for farming and raising animals for consumption has caused major diseases to increase in human beings like cancer.
  • Many veterans from the Vietnam War have suffered great side effects from the usage of chemical weapons (Agent Orange). Many Vietnam Veterans have suffered from various forms of cancer like lung cancer and liver cancer.
  • Many animals have gone to near extinction from human beings killing them in large numbers and taking away the animals’ natural habitat areas.
  • Many countries’ population have grown beyond capacity that many countries had to put restrictions on how many children families could have. At one time, China had a policy that families could only have one child and this in turn caused the population of males to outnumber females at a ratio of 5:1.
  • Many diseases have not been able to be eliminated in certain parts of the world due to environmental health issues and problems. Diseases like Smallpox and Polio are still a major problem in “Developing” Countries.
  • The only way to address the ever growing environmental health issues is that human beings need to start treating “Mother Nature” with the respect that she deserves. We need to stop killing animals in mass numbers, need to control the expanded growth of the human population around the world, find ways to conserve and save energy, and find alternative means to plant and grow food. Many strives are being made to address the serious environmental health issues of the world, but more needs to be done.

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