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How To Come Up With Unique Critical Analysis Essay Topics

There are many types of critical analyses essays—some focus analyzing the arguments of others, some analyze political situations, some analyze historical event, and some analyze some analyze a work of literature, analyze a political situation, some analyze a social phenomenon, some a historical event, some analyze a written text, a literary work, a movie, or a performance.

Critical analysis essays that focus on literature are essays that are written about poems, books, or short stories. You want to pick fictions that are easy to analyze and that lead themselves to discussion over the length of your study.

I had a professor who explained critical analysis essays better than anyone else, he said that students typically pick a subject way too large like “Nature in Hemingway’s short stories” – but critical analysis essays need a very narrow focus, “The Symbol of the River in Hemingway’s “Big, Two Hearted River,” would be much better. By the way, “Big, Two Hearted River” is a short story.

If you are in an American literature course which focuses on 20th Century American literature, Hemingway is an excellent choice for critical essays, specifically his short stories, like “hills Like White Elephants,” which is about the main character and his wife having an abortion and the hills in the background seem to symbolize lost chances or hope.

To find essays like this, search for “award winning high school essays on Hemingway.” “Award Winning High School Essays on Shakespeare’s Hemingway.” You need to pick a famous work of literature and search for award winning essays on them.

  1. The Importance of the River Hemingway’s Big Two Hearted River”
  2. Critical Essays on the Importance of Honor in The Crucible
  3. Symbolism in Hawthorne’s short stories
  4. The Color Purple and Sexual Abuse
  5. The Color Purple and Female Autonomy

Critical analyses essays on movies are fun to write as well. It helps to pick a somewhat mysterious movie for which you have to analyze or puzzle out a situation or strange imagery in it. Think about independent films – they typically lend themselves to analyzes. Movies from the Criterion Collection are acclaimed movies which often have elevated themes, symbolism, and characters, which you can analyze.

When analyzing a movie, be careful not to plot retell. You are not supposed to tell your reader a blow by blow description of the actions in the movie but to analyze themes.

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