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Top 15 Expository Essay Topics For High School Students

Expository essays communicate information to your audience to share knowledge, instructions and ideas. Here’s a list of 15 expository essay topics great for high school students:

  1. What is your favorite animal? Most people like specific animals more than others. So then, what is your favorite and why do you prefer it more than others?
  2. We all have a place where we like to go or imagine going to whenever we need to relax. Think of your favorite place and explain why you chose this location?
  3. Think of a book that you have recently read and really enjoyed. Write an expository essay on why you really enjoyed that book.
  4. Think about something that really interests you – a location you’ve visited, a favorite book, a favorite hobby, etc. – and imagine having to write a letter to a pen pal explaining it.
  5. Imagine that time travel was a reality. Where and when would you like to go visit? What if it were a one way trip? When would you like to live in permanently?
  6. We spend most of our lives learning something – either in school or in real life. What is something you have recently learned and describe the ways in which you have been affected?
  7. If your principle asked students to provide suggestions for what things should change around school, what would you write about?
  8. Most people have a favorite childhood toy. Think about your favorite toy and explain why it’s important?
  9. Think of some things you have learned outside of school and how important they have been in your life. Explain these reasons to your classmates.
  10. Explain how music affects your mood. If you were a person in charge of controlling background music in offices, what would you play and why?
  11. What do you think is the most important invention in history? What changes positive or negative have come because of the invention?
  12. As you get closer to graduation, you might have some fond memories about a particular year you have spent. What year would you write about?
  13. Why do you think it’s important for everyone to learn to read? Do you think that there should be specific reading levels one must achieve that are higher than they are now?
  14. What is your ideal dream job when you grow up? Why would this job be great for you? Do you think others would enjoy it as much as you do?
  15. If you were asked to nominate your favorite restaurant, which would you choose and what reasons would you give for choosing it?

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