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How to come up with debatable analytical paper topics

Analytical essays

An analytical essay is similar to a persuasive essay but it is a little more defensive. You need to provide strong logic and supporting evidence to prove your point. The most important thing you need to be able to write an analytical essay, is the unbiased approach. A good writer is the one who is objective in his opinions. Do not let your personal experiences influence your work. If you find relevant facts and statistical data, then you may quote a personal experience as well. However, one cannot academically state something as good or bad without any evidence or examples.

What to avoid for your topic

If you are in school and need to write an analytical essay, the first thing you need is a debatable topic to begin with. The topic itself will lay foundation for the rest of your essay. If your topic is too obvious or lame, you will never be able to analyze anything about it and argue on any aspect. Ideally, you should avoid statements based on universal facts, personal opinions, and commonly known truths. You need to think of a topic that will invite people to read and review. Criticism is not a bad thing, as many believe to be. A certain level of criticism shows that your essay was successful in attracting reader’s attention and forcing them to comment about it.

Write on globally hot issues

Topics for analytical essays can base on current issues in the global politics, economy, manufacturing industries, war strategies, disease, and disaster. Everyone is talking about such topics in news, articles, social media etc., and people will love to add to their knowledge through your essay. If they find useful data in your essay, they will care to quote it in their discussions and debates on for or against the topic.

Choose a direction

You can even filter down your topic and focus geographically or demographically on your essay. You should be able to mold your essay for the people who will read it. The success of writing depends upon how well it hits the target audience. Whether they agree with your ideas or not is a debate for another day. The aim is to make sure they read it and develop an opinion about it.

Make it catchy

The last thing you would want for your analytical essay topic is to be monotonous or plain. Make it catchy and hook your readers.

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