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Creating a Good Topic for an Expository Essay

Remembering what an expository essay is, is the first part of writing one. Or if the student has never done one before, knowing what this type of essay is, will help. An expository essay is an essay that expounds on a subject; to give information, explain the information, and describe in detail the subject of the topic. This is one of the few essays, where personal views are not required, but that does not make the essay any easier. In fact, it often makes it harder for the student to start on, or even write. So making the topic, something that the student knows well, or has a strong interest in, usually helps.

  1. Science and Technology
  2. History
  3. Health
  4. Society/Culture

Science and Technology

These are two of the fields that the expository essay excels in. The reason is simple, and that is because so much of the subjects in these two fields need extensive explanations, the expository essay is a perfect format for that.

  • Define Abegg's rule, and how it works the Valences of an Atom
  • How is Electromagnetism used in the Creation of Electricity


In History, there are many things that the expository essay can be very useful in. As the amount of subjects that need in depth explanation, is as vast as it is in science and technology.

  • Define Carl von Clausewitz’s Statement; “War is the continuation of policy (politics) by other means.”
  • What made Guy Fawkes, Attempt to carry out the Assassination?


With so many diseases, and ailments, as well as mental health issues, an expository essay, can be a strong tool to help understand these issues. With new; diseases, bacteria, and new understandings of old mental Health issues, this format can help quell fears, or inform the public of risks. An excellent form, for medical students to learn, for just this reason.

  • Overrated Fears of Ebola
  • Schizophrenia Patients do better with new Medicines


This is another area, where the expository essay is a strong tool for learning. As there are so many factors to understand, and at times they need to be explained, this is an excellent form. Also for Students majoring in Sociology and Anthropology, their PhD Theses will be benefitted by learning this style greatly.

  • The Effects of Deviant Dress Styles, and Declining Socio Norms
  • The Effects of Declining Rain Forests, and Primitive Cultures

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