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How To Compose A Secondary School Essay About Bullying

The age of secondary school students range from 11-16 and sometimes 19. This age group is considered very volatile. Kids at this age learn new things just to become cool. They adapt every new thing. Bullying is very common among secondary school students.

This essay is an example of cause and effect essay. Bullying happens. It gives no good or benefit. Bully loves to hurt others. Cyberbullying is going so common now. People upload Crude or unsophisticated pictures and comment on them as they do not dare to address the person directly on his face, which is why they post crude pictures on social media sites.

What is bullying?

Bullying basically means torturing somebody physically or emotionally. It includes snatching lunch money, hitting, spitting, punching, teasing and insulting. Bully does not care about others feeling.

Who are the bullies?

This disease has become so common that it happens almost in every institution. The big schools who claim that there schools has 0% bullies. Even there, bullies rule. Even teachers do not bother to stop it. Students who have money power are on the top of the list. They bully others on the base of their money power. They intimate others for their own desires. Another reason for bullying could be jealousy.

Why should bullying be discouraged?

Bullying should be discouraged to maximum as it is an immoral value and hurts others as well. They result in making students shy, reluctant, anxious and self-conscious. Moreover, they become emotionally sensitive.

Causes of bullying

Students with school life problems cannot concentrate on their studies and become under confident. They become reluctant in participating in extracurricular activities. They do not attend class lectures and avoid going to college. Serious issues like committing suicide, or building quality relationship affects badly. Students who are bullied can never become successful in their life because they are emotionally hurt and they start considering themselves under-estimated, shy and hesitant.

How to prevent bullying?

Teachers should take an initiative to discourage it.

How can we stop it?

We should report it to the senior authorities to kill this monster.

What steps should we take to discourage this habit?

We should not harm others. It is more like ragging. Ragging a new- comer in your school. Parent’s role is very important. They should guide their kids about it and should give them confidence.


Conclusion is the last paragraph. You are supposed to conclude all effects and causes of bullying. Your suggestion and opinion is very important. Give your own suggestion about it.

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