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What It Takes To Compose A Descriptive Essay About A Person?

Writing a descriptive essay about a person, also known as a ‘character sketch’ can be a rather confusing task when encountering it for the first time. The matter is that in our common lives we usually have some feelings, concerns, impressions and attitude towards a certain person, but rarely a need to express it verbally in such an extensive and creative way. Although this type of assignments has its peculiar features, generally it is written in the same manner as the other papers of its kind.

Main Rules of Writing an Effective Descriptive Essay

  • Outline the structure of your paper properly.
  • Well-known 5 paragraph structure is universal for many types of essay, including this one. The introduction must include the key idea of your paper, the main body usually gives all specific details, and the conclusion is the best part to put your personal insights and impressions, as well as tell about the influence the described person makes on you.

  • Be simple and specific in your descriptions.
  • Don’t let them be too ambiguous or unclear to your reader. Despite a relatively free writing style, keep it comprehensible.

  • Mind your language.
  • Use a mild language while describing the traits commonly perceived as negative. Avoid any adjectives that may sound prejudiced and offensive.

  • Employ bright comparisons.
  • This method will help you make your description more vivid and your character more ‘alive’ in the reader’s perception.

  • Write emotionally and creatively.
  • While many papers require a dry, scientific style, here is your chance to express your creative abilities. However, don’t go too far with this and mind to keep your main idea clear and reasonable.

  • Leave enough time to check the complete work.
  • As this type of paper employs creative writing style, it’s better to give it a fresh glance and edit after a while. This will increase your chances to express the thoughts in pat and beautiful language. In addition, you can get rid of the small mistakes you have probably skipped before.

Hints on How to Enhance Your Creativity

  • Choose a person you know very well.
  • It’s quite impossible to compose a good character sketch of a stranger. Without any special details, it would be just boring and hollow.

  • Write about the facts that matter to you personally.
  • Relatively obvious information about a person can be derived from many other sources.

  • Rather show than tell.
  • Use writing tools that provide your audience with a bright visual impression.

  • Get inspired by the examples of similar papers online.
  • Learn about creative writing development strategies and try to apply them.

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