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What Are The Requirements Of The Basic Essay Format

The purpose of an essay is to convey your thesis. A good essay is readable, interesting, clear, and comprehendible. These qualities are not achieved by accident or random luck. There are specific guidelines of writing an essay, and for good reason. You are making a point in your paper. A basic essay is constructed by a method.

It is practical to visualize your essay as a five-story building.

  1. Introduction: It is the first floor of your building. The first paragraph of your essay is about what your topic is, how you are going to talk about this topic, and what exactly your point of view is. The introduction is the most important part of your essay. This is where you grab the readers’ attention. It is important to be clear but interesting here. Your first sentences are the signpost stating the topic, subsequent lines provides the reader with your main points. The last line of your introductory paragraph is your thesis statement.

  2. Body: The body is divided into three subsections (the next three floors of the building) of identical form. You state your first main point in the first line of the second paragraph of the essay. From there on you provide supporting ideas and evidence of your main point. In the last sentence, you show how this point relates to your thesis statement.

  3. Repeat the same pattern in the next two paragraphs:

    a) stating a point, b) providing evidence and supporting ideas, and c) linking it to your position in the thesis statement.

  4. Conclusion: This is the absolute TOP of your building. Make it memorable. You go back to the introduction and restate it in different words. The conclusion is the place where you tie everything together and show conclusively why your thesis is true. There can be two formations of a concluding statement

  5. Point 1 + Point 2 + Point 3 = THESIS


    Point 1 => Point 2 => Point 3 => THESIS

The structure of essay writing is not just a technical formality. It serves very important purposes for both the writer and the reader. A properly organized essay makes it easier to write and effectively conveys the point to the reader. From the reader’s perspective, this structure makes the discourse easy to understand, easy on the eyes and mind, and interesting for the intellect.

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