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Help Me Find A Great Topic For My Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays can be great fun to do particularly if you really believe in the argument you are supporting. If you don't then you are setting yourself a much harder task. Remember the argumentative essay is just like any other essay in that it needs an introduction at the beginning, a conclusion or summary at the end and in between two or three fact paragraphs.

But what will make a great topic for your argumentative essay is one which has the following characteristics.

  • The topic is one which divides public opinion.
  • An argument which is able to the condensed to a single issue.
  • An argument where you can support the yes case and defeat the no case.
  • There are plenty of proven facts you can use to support your argument.

It will never be a great topic if it doesn't cause dissension. When you think of a few topics off the top of your head such as climate change, gun control and abortion you immediately understand what is meant by division. Many people have very strong points of view on some or all of those topics and just as many people oppose those points of view. That means that topic has potential to be great.

If you're looking for a great topic make sure that it is not too broad. You need it to be of a narrow focus so you can really go to town on the point you want to make.

By all means find information to support your point of view but if you can also find information to denigrate the opposite point of view, you could well have written a great argumentative essay.

And finally you need to have facts or proven pieces of information to support your argument. A great topic needs some great supporting data. Here are some possible great topics.

  1. Should voting be compulsory?
  2. Torture is okay in certain circumstances.
  3. Cheating in exams is never a good idea.
  4. The death penalty doesn’t reduce serious crimes.
  5. Governments should stay out of our food preferences.
  6. The Internet should not be open for use by children.
  7. Salaries for top executives are way too generous.
  8. Cruelty to animals should see guilty humans sent to jail.
  9. Refugees should not be allowed to sneak into another country.
  10. Sex education should begin in grade school.

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