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How To Write An Essay- A Detailed Guide For College Students

One of the major assignments that you will have to do in almost every class that you take is writing an essay. If you are able to master this assignment, you will easily be able to master many of your classes. Here is a detailed guide that will show you how to write an essay.

Choosing a topic

You need to make sure that the first thing that you do is to choose an effective topic. You want a topic that has enough information on it to write an effective paper. You don’t want it to be too broad that you can’t make a clear point either.

Creating a thesis

Your paper has to have a purpose. There has to be one thing that it works to prove. This will be your thesis statement and the reason why you are writing your paper. It will make a statement and show the reasons why.

Developing an outline

Next you will plan your essay out. It will start out with an introduction that works to draw the reader in and talk about some of the background information that the reader needs to know to understand the main point. The thesis is presented at the end of the introduction. The body will work to prove the thesis statement. Each paragraph in the body of the paper is designed to talk about a different reason why the thesis is true. Lastly, you want to include a conclusion that will wrap everything up and conclude your paper.

Add transitions

You will need to add transitional phrases into your paper. These are the phrases that link one idea to the next. They let your reader know that you are moving on to another topic. It is a great way to create a flow in your paper and to create a more cohesive piece.

Make sure to edit your piece

You will want to edit your rough draft and make sure that when you hand it in that it is free of errors. That way you can get the highest grade possible. Most students lose a lot of points because of stupid errors that could have been fixed.

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