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Composing A 6-Paragraph Persuasive Essay: A Brief Manual

A persuasive essay is the one in which a student should do their best to convince the target audience to accept their standpoint. If a teacher or instructor asks you to write this particular kind of the research paper, don’t panic. Every student can easily compose an excellent 6-paragraph persuasive essay, and it won’t take them a lot of time. The quality of the paper depends greatly on whether you keep to all the writing techniques peculiar to this or that kind of essay.

What are those six paragraphs that your essay should consist of? The skeleton of the writing is the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
    • 1st body paragraph
    • 2nd body paragraph
    • 3rd body paragraph
    • 4th body paragraph
  3. Conclusion

Before you start writing, think of its purpose and audience you address the message to. Who are those people you appeal to? What will you convince them to do or believe? How will you do that? These are important questions that a student should keep in mind all the time they are working on the persuasive essay.

Begin your paper with a strong introductory paragraph. Why is it so important? The aim of the introduction is to catch the reader’s attention so that they will be interested in reading the whole paper. Never start your writing with the phrases, like “This essay is about …” or “I want to tell you about …”, and many others of the same kind. They make your reader bored. Instead, use attention grabbers related to the subject of the work to impress the target audience. It may be an anecdote, interesting or funny situation, startling statistic, intriguing question, possible scenario, or a quotation. Present clearly the subject of the paper and your opinion in the introductory paragraph. Think of a strong thesis statement and preview three supportive points and one that shows the opposite view. They will be developed further on in the paper.

The body of a 6-paragraph persuasive essay consists of three paragraphs that support writer’s opinion and are followed by one with the opposite way of thinking about the same subject. State clearly the main point of each paragraph in its topic sentence and provide details further on. Use emotive and strong language, rhetorical questions, stunning statistics, real life examples, repetitions, and quotations to sound more persuasive.

Finally, draw conclusions in the last paragraph. Formulate the thesis statement in other words and once again state your point of view. End your paper with a powerful and impressive last sentence, or a clincher.

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