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How Do You Pick Interesting Topics for Opinion Essays

When looking for topics for your next opinion essay there are a few helpful resources you can look to in order to locate a fresh topic. By looking at the latest in the new, long-term controversy, and what interests you, you will find the best topic for your opinion essay.

What Interests You?

The most important factor of a topic is whether or not you find it personally interesting. If you select a topic that you like, this interest swill shine through in your writing and also make for a more engaging essay. Selecting something that you find difficult to hold your interest will make for less passionate writing, and also be more likely to bore your audience, too.

Latest in the News

Sometimes opening up a recent publication of a magazine or newspaper or reading your favorite online publication can be the best spark for an opinion essay. Look at what is going on in the world right now, and draw inspiration from these real world events.

Long-term Controversy

On the other end of the spectrum, opinion essays can also be based on long-term controversies or points of contention. New research or a unique perspective can revamp a tried and true topic—making for an interesting opinion essay. As long as you are presenting a new argument or idea, about an existing opinion, you will be able to great a strong topic.

What is most important is that the topic interests you. If you find your opinion essay topic to be interesting, the research will be easier and as a result your writing will be stronger. Take a look at the latest news, long-term controversy, and your personal interests to highlight your next opinion-based topic. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Adoption: Do you support or oppose adoption? Outline the important information and statistics about adoption.
  • Vegetarianism: What does a plant-based diet consist of? What are its benefits or drawbacks?
  • Going Green: Some people believe global warming is not that serious of an issue. How does going green come into play? What can you do to make your contribution toward going green?
  • Medical Marijuana: Why was marijuana outlawed? What are its medical benefits? Can it affect your health negatively? What are its economic and legal benefits?
  • Public Healthcare: What are options for public healthcare? How does this kind of healthcare function in the United States versus other countries?

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