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How To Write An Essay In 20 Minutes: A Creative Approach

Composing concise and clear paper in a short time period can be one of the most tedious and demanding tasks a student can handle in his/her student life. Frequently, students these days are tasked to compose essays in 20 minutes. Irrespective of the topic, there are some methods that can certainly assist students compose the most effective piece. And, with some practice, these approaches will become a much easier process.

Here are a few guides on how to write an essay in 20 minutes:

  • Allocate at least 10% of your time for planning. In truth, rushing into a written discourse is considered worthless because you will mostly run into a mental block, requiring more time to compose your way out than you would’ve used to plan.
  • Format your paper. You will usually prefer to outline your piece with an introduction, a body that introduces your arguments and supporting proofs and finally your conclusion. Take note that a paper that is properly outlined will be easier to compose and the readers will easily grasp what you’re trying to convey.
  • Conceptualize your arguments and supporting evidences prior starting the paper. There is no need to expand this in full, but, you save yourself the burden of conjuring up after you have started the actual writing process.
  • Compose in direct and clear sentences. It is better to use only the vocabulary which you know well and as much as possible avoid terms that are so difficult to understand just to impress the readers.
  • Write your introduction. This may come in the form of a sentence or a paragraph. Make sure that this part captures the attention of the readers. Be clear with what you are trying to discuss.
  • Come up with your supporting arguments. This may be rhetorical or filled with supporting examples or proofs. Avoid tangents and focus on the main topic. Be specific when using evidence and avoid obscure examples.
  • Write the conclusion. Here, there is no need to present any line of reasoning or introduce new information. This is the part where the writer needs to summarize the basic argument. The final sentence must be memorable and interesting as this shall be the last impression the readers will receive.

Bear in mind that composing a written discourse in just a few minutes can seem challenging, but, the delighting news is that with proper time management and right planning, this is definitely obtainable. Consider the tips mentioned above if you are to write a paper in minutes.

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