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Creating An Excellent 9th Grade Persuasive Essay In 5 Steps

For a 9th grader, even the most simple type of essay can be tricky. This is because he needs to study for many courses in the same time, and all the information is getting more and more difficult. It is, of course, completely doable, but with more care than usual. A persuasive essay is pleasant to make because you don’t have to make so much research, or to support ideas that you do not believe in. These 5 easy steps are easy to follow by anyone:

  1. Find a topic that you love. When you write with passion, you create an excellent composition without struggling. This is why for a persuasive essay, you need to find an idea that you support from every point of view. This will save you the time that you should use for research, and you will be happy to write about your beliefs.
  2. State the purpose of your composition. Ok, you want to convince people that a particular idea is positive and beneficial. Well, you need to mention this in your composition otherwise it will be considered incomplete. Maybe some of your classmate will actually gain benefits from listening to your essay, or they will change their opinion.
  3. Bring valid arguments.The fact that you like something is not a good reason for other people to like it too. You have to explain why you like it, how did you reach tot this conclusion and why other people should support it also. When you are stuck, go on the Internet to search for good evidence. Even more, you can search different statistics, charts or numbers on official websites to support your ideas.
  4. Present other perspectives. Before you ask someone to support your ideas, you need to explain to them why their own ideas are not so great. To do this, you have to incorporate as many perspectives as possible in your composition, and bring arguments that show why they are not valid.
  5. Write a conclusion. This is something that you can not neglect, even if it does not seem important. The conclusion that you write at the end needs to be formed based on what you wrote in the essay itself. This means that you can not come up with a new idea, write it down and hope that people will just accept it.

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