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7 Elements Of A Good Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

In writing a persuasive essay, we aim to convince others with the facts and values that we share, and also persuade them to accept our arguments and conclusions.

We invite our audience to adopt our way of thinking. So if we convince people on the importance of wearing school uniforms, we have to follow a simple structure.

The following are 7 elements in building a good persuasive essay:

  1. Establishing facts – You don’t want your audience to boo your speech because of wrong information. Thus, it is essential to ensure that your facts are reliable. Cite sources with high reputation so that it’s easy for them to accept it. For school uniforms you would say facts like it aids on removing the focus on “other” things like fashion, etc. and start their focus on their studies and on having a proper education.
  2. Have a clear relevant values – Allowing your audience to relate to your values enables you to easily persuade them to agree with you. Say you want to convince them in wearing school uniform. You would say this will create a high standard on the way the students will dress. They will have a modest outlook and thus protects the women from being sexually abused.
  3. Use creative and visual language – Choosing words that enable the audience to paint a picture in their mind is an effective method of a persuasive writing. You would try to say that wearing uniform creates a form of unity. And where there is unity there is a sense of belongingness and students will feel comfortable and relaxed on their environment.
  4. Know your audience – It is very important to research ahead who will be your listeners. This will give you a glimpse on which values and points you will need to emphasize. Determine if you’re speaking to young or old people or both so that you may be careful on how you speak. For example if you’re speaking to parents, you would emphasize more on the safety of their children. Wearing uniform allows their child from being molested and it also allow them to save time by not thinking anymore on what to wear.
  5. Create and declare conclusions – Convince your audience that your conclusions are based upon facts that are agreed-upon. Tell them that it is already proven and tested. You would say wearing uniforms has been observed all around the world. And it is proven that it lessens the fighting, sex offenses, weapon offenses, assaults and vandalism. Thus creating a peaceful and safe environment.
  6. Be confident – Nothing is more convincing than a person who is himself surely convinced. Part of being confident is knowing that you are 101% convinced with your speech. Cite to them sources or studies that wearing uniform aids the students to stop stealing of brand name clothes because all of them are wearing the same clothing.
  7. Be not be afraid of criticism – Consider any critiques as a trial to develop your skills on persuasion. Don’t take it personally. More likely than not, they are against what you’re saying, not against you. So be ready to defend that wearing school uniforms may be dull and unattractive but it creates a sense of uniqueness as they represent their school name and logo. Thus creating an attitude of discipline for they carry the name of their school.

So go out and deliver your own persuasive essay with these elements and be surprised to see the number of people you’ll persuade.

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