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Creating A Scholarship Essay Title Page: 5 Formatting Rules

There are many different ways to create a title page for a scholarship essay. It doesn’t matter which form you use as long as your title page looks professional and formal. You are trying to impress the scholarship committee so make sure the first thing they see is impressive. First impressions are extremely important in anything you do or see. Judgements are made, both consciously and sub-consciously, usually in the first few seconds of seeing something. When you present your scholarship essay, if it is wrinkled or smudged or in disarray of any kind, the committee will frown on the essay even if it is phenomenal. They may not even realize making a poor judgement based on things like that, but it will happen. On the other hand, if your scholarship essay is in a nice binder, bright white paper, and formatted professionally, you will impress your judges and it will help you the other way. Here are 5 formatting rules for created a great-looking scholarship essay title page:

  1. The Name of the University you are seeking the scholarship for should be centered on the top of the page about 2 inches down. The name should be in all capitals and bolded. Please use black letters. This should look completely professional even though you may be tempted to use colors. Black and white looks much more professional.
  2. Title of the Essay by Your Name – In the center of the page and centered on the page should be the Title of the Essay, then the next line down you should type the word “by”, then the next line down, you should type your name. All of these are centered.
  3. Brief statement of the reason for your essay and the name of the scholarship you are seeking. This should also be centered and include a very brief sentence that explains a synopsis of your essay. This should only be about 25 words and should begin about 3 lines below your name.
  4. Your current location, month and year – This should begin about 3 lines down from the scholarship name and centered. Put your current location, just the city and state, go down one line and indicate the month and year
  5. Your Name, Year – These two items should also be centered and put on the very last line of the first page, also centered

If you follow these formatting rules, you will have an extremely professional looking title page for your scholarship essay and will impress your judges before they read a sentence.

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