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22 Interesting Expository Essay Topics About Healthy Eating

Being healthy is not only about exercising and following the doctor’s prescriptions. It is also about being careful of what you eat and developing healthy eating habits. If you should write an expository essay about healthy foods, nutrition, and dieting, you have a unique opportunity to learn more about the topic and share your observations and findings with others in an informative piece of writing.

Understanding the Task

Before you decide on the topic for your paper about healthy eating, make sure that you understand the requirements. In an expository essay, you should explain the subject in a clear and unbiased manner. Your personal beliefs of what foods and habits can be called healthy do not matter. On the contrary, you should present a balanced analysis of the topic and support your thesis with relevant facts and examples from credible sources. If you are not sure how to structure such a paper, visit this website and refer to the available expository essay samples in the process of work.

Inspiring Topics about Healthy Eating to Choose From

  1. Why is it important to eat healthy in childhood?
  2. How can one plan a healthy diet? What things should be considered when composing a healthy menu for every day?
  3. How does the physical and psychological development of a teenager depend on his or her nutrition?
  4. Why are home cooked meals better than fast food?
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a vegetarian?
  6. Is eating meat useful or harmful for our health?
  7. How much water should one drink to be healthy?
  8. Why are convenience foods unhealthy?
  9. What is the impact of genetically modified (GM) foods on the human body?
  10. Is synthetic meat a healthy food product?
  11. Why should we try to refuse sugar in our meals?
  12. What are the benefits of consuming iodized salt?
  13. Why is it healthy to eat organically grown food?
  14. What things should you pay attention to when reading a food nutrition label?
  15. Why should food contain antioxidants? Which products include antioxidants?
  16. What healthy eating habits do you know?
  17. Is caffeine harmful? What alternatives of caffeine are available nowadays?
  18. How can healthy eating habits reduce the risks of hypertension, diabetes, and heart diseases?
  19. Which foods are called junk foods and why?
  20. Are carbonated drinks unhealthy? What alternatives exist nowadays?
  21. Which products cause obesity and why?
  22. Can we obtain all necessary vitamins from healthy food? Are synthetic vitamins needless?

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