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writing an essay: content and organization

essay writing tipsStructuring your essay body content in a coherent order is the best chance you have of scoring high marks for style and readability. Your professor won’t just be looking at your essay from a significance point of view, but also from a language aspect. Essays are partially given to test your writing proficiency and also to teach you how to order content in such a way that it follows a logical order.

But don’t let this additional requirement for your assignment make you despondent. Sorting out your content in an organized fashion is actually easier than many think. It just takes some logical thinking a little bit of practice.

Grab some paperclips and read on

essay samplesTo understand the importance of paragraph flow, try this simple exercise. Grab yourself a small bag of multicoloured paperclips and select as many paperclips as you plan to have paragraphs, making sure that each one is a different colour from the next. Now right down the colour of the paperclip next to a key point and do this for each one respectively. Make sure your keywords relate to each other in some way and that the general idea of each one follows on from one to the next.

Start connecting

essay structureTake your first key point and make it follow on from your introduction. Write about that key word, but keep the second one in mind once you get halfway through. When you get to the next paragraph, connect the first and second paperclips with each other. Keep following this method until you are done with all your paragraphs.

This may seem like a juvenile exercise, but it really helps for those who struggle with basic writing coherency. Following this style of writing is a way of starting yourself off, but if you keep practising, it’ll eventually come naturally.

The big picture

essay writing tutorialA practical analogy like this makes your brain work in a different way. You start seeing your essay as a chain of logical thoughts and ideas. When you look at your completed paperclip necklace, it tells a story of how one thing leads to another and how they all form one big project.

Try this method when you write your next essay and you’ll soon learn how to structure each paragraph within your content. Your introduction and conclusion will fall right into the flow of your paper and make sense to the reader. Good luck!